14 day Low-carb meal plan with grocery list 1250 A


We offer two different 14-day low-carb meal plans with a grocery shopping list. This is Plan A. All have below 60 carbs per day with three meals and two snacks. You should add more protein drinks when trying to lose weight.


Plan A has things like Advocado egg toast, lime chicken salad, grilled cheddar stuffed hamburgers, chicken, potato, and veggie stir fry, lemon and herb tilapia, chicken Caesar salad, baked salmon with dill, cucumber, tomato salad with tuna, Mashed avocado egg salad, lemon grilled chicken breast, chicken and mashed potatoes, taco salad, tuna and avocado salad, dijon jalapeno chicken, chicken and avocado salad, baked salmon with fennel, other egg dishes for breakfast and snacks like peanut butter and celery or protein oatmeal.


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